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" working as a wedding & event planner for the past 10 years, I always pay attention to every detail. The cake is an important part of the decor and I always like to use the cake to enhance the design of the wedding or event.                                 
Because the cake looked better when elevated, I always made sure it was on the only stand available, the good ole silver wedding cake stand. But soon, I became tired of that "everyday" stand.  And since I believe that "Every Cake Needs a Stand," I was in constant search for new ways to "Raise the Cake." 

So Raise the Cake was born. New, fresh, exciting wedding cake stands to make your cake look better and coordinate with your wedding style and design.  My clients have been using them for years and always think they are "

Owner ~ Sheryal Rozzelle
Wedding Planner

Q: Sizes. What size will work best for me?
A: 3 sizes are available to meet most cake size needs. Here is a guide as to what size you will need.
12"x12" is perfect for 8"-10" round or square cakes, mostly used for birthday and special occasions.
18"x18" fits a 3-4 tier round or square wedding cake or tiered occasion cakes.
20"x20" fits 4-6 tier round or square wedding cakes or tiered occasion cakes.
Custom sizes are available with custom orders.

Q: Will the stand hold my heavy cake?
A: Raise the Cake cake stands are lightweight, yet strong enough to hold the weight of even the tallest wedding cake.

Q: What should I tell the bakery making my cake?
A: Instructions will be included for your baker or event coordinator. The cake board the bakery provides should be 1 or 2 inches smaller than the stand. Example: If you order an 18"x18" cake stand, ask your baker to put the cake on a board no larger than 16".

Q: Can I use the cake stand multiple times? 
A: Raise the Cake cake stands and cupcake stands are hassle free and are meant to be used on a one time basis, but if you wish to wash off the frosting and use it again, go for it. If you choose to toss it, be sure to remove the keepsake crystal embellishment.

Q: Delivery & Shipping.  How long does it take?
A: We use UPS Delivery & Ground Shipping, standard ground shipping and delivery times apply.  We arrange shipping so that you receive your stand at least 1 week before the event date, but of course if you need it sooner, that can be arranged. If there is a specific date you need your cake stand by, just be sure to include that in the shipping instructions. If you are placing a rush order (less than 3 weeks before your event), please call (801) 885-7078 to place your rush order. Additional fees may apply.

Q: Return and Refund Policy.  Can I return my cake stand for a refund?
A: The cake stands are non-refundable unless there has been a problem in shipping.
Do let us know if there is a problem as soon as you receive the cake stand so we can assess the situation and determine if a return or refund is in order. We will advise how to proceed with the return and refund from there.
We want to make you happy and appreciate your business

Q: Custom Cake Stands & Cupcake Stands.  What if I don't see the perfect stand to match my decor?
A: We also make custom wedding cake stands and cupcake stands, especially for you. Just email us and let us know your style and theme, we will call you to work together on a design. Custom cake stand or cupcake stand designs begin at $250.

Weddings and Events are such rare special occasions that it only makes sense to display your cake in the best way possible.  I look forward to sharing my stands with you.

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